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To Project Earth a 1:500 Earth SMP!

Minecraft World
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Yuri Dyatlov Abandoned Military Base
The real Leomafrogo on Project Earth!
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"Having started this server way back last year in lockdown it connected me with my friends when I couldn't see them and made new ones along the way!"


"This server's community is very passionate and competitive."


“Project Earth is an amazing server, with awesome people. It's a community, a chance to join something that everyone enjoys.”
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True Geopolitics

At Project Earth we offer one of Minecraft's best Geopolitics Server. True discussion, debate, diplomacy, war, claiming and more!
Over 20 countries spanning the globe with spawn being at the heart of Lower Manhattan in New York, New York.
Hosted by the United States it's military swear to protect the United Nations, Local Embassies and surrounding area.

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At the heart of Project Earth is our community over a year old and growing everyday our community is the backbone

of our server and gives us motivation to carry on.

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Always improving

With any server there is always room for improvement and at Project Earth we are dedicated to

improvement of our server specs, discord and community interaction. One of the latest improvements was giving

the UN the power to accept or deny Land Claim Applications rather than staff for more diversity and community driven opinion.
In other areas we are always looking for more staff and developers, click below for more info.

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Join us!

To build a community you need members and that is exactly what we are looking for!
Come join our discord server for more information and meet the staff team and our members!

Project Earth

Project Earth

Project Earth
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Operation Valor - [Minecraft Realm - Small War Movie]

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